Why is my cars steering shaking so bad driving down road

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The most causes of steering wheel shakes when braking or bad vibration driving  is problems with your wheels or tires. I found out the hard way and I know autos. My truck started shacking and sounding rough, I thought the problem would show soon, I was running 70 when back tire exploded spun me on road and i ended up in ditch. A blown tire. I put spare on and back on road, The point here be-careful if your auto is shacking.  I had soft grass to slide in, but could of been a deep mountain side.  So be very very careful.

out-of-round-tireTire is out of round and will shake badly and may blow out.

steering wheel shakes or back of your auto shakes with out of round tire.

  1. The  very most common reason for a car steering to shake is related to tires.  If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel can shake. This shaking starts at around 50-55 miles per hour (mph).  It gets worse around 60 mph but starts to get better at high speeds.
  2. Sometimes brake rotors can be the cause of shaking.  If your steering wheel shakes while you are braking then the problem could be caused by “out of round” brake rotors.  This vibration can also be felt through your brake pedal.
  3. Why does my steering wheel shake is it the breaks?
  4. A common problem that can cause shaking is when a brake caliper sticks on.  When this happens you will experience a vibration through the steering wheel starting at 45 to 50 miles per hour.  It will get very bad the faster you go, and you will also smell a burning odor when you stop.
  5. If you jack one side of auto up. Move tire towards car and back towards you, does the steering wheel move or is there a lot of looseness in the way tire moves,. If loose means a bad tie rod or tie rod end.
  6. 5. While auto is jacked up take tire and move up and down, note, you can put a bar under tire to do this, you want to see if tire has bad lower or upper ball joints bad.
  7. I have seen bad wheel bearing cause vibration. This is checked by having your auto jacked up. You spin the tire if you here grinding bad wheeling bearingv4-460px-Know-if-Your-Wheel-Bearings-Are-Going-Bad-Step-10
  8. Another problem I ran into, I bought some used tires and got them to balance them. My auto shook so bad. I went to another tire shop and had balanced again. Balance was way off, the first shops balance machine was bad. I had a nephew come to me and said his truck was shaking and he had just put new tiers on.  We went to another tire shop and had them balance, same thing tires were all 1/2 and one 1 ounce out of balance. The point be careful where you get tires balanced.

Unbalanced or Damaged Wheels – Around 45 MPH, you may feel a vibration through the steering wheel. As you increase in speed, the vibration will intensify. In order to rotate properly, the wheels of a vehicle need to be balanced. When a technician balances the wheels, he uses a lead weight and when placed in the appropriate areas, they make the wheel spin correctly. Unfortunately, potholes and other road conditions can cause a wheel to fall out of balance or bend, which will result in your car shaking when you drive.

Damaged Axle – Bent axles, often caused by minor accidents or hitting a curb or two, will cause vibration and shaking. The more speed that your vehicle picks up, the worse it gets. If the rubber boots that protect the CV Joints are damaged by holes or riddled with dirt, dust, and other road debris, these damages can produce a shaking sensation as well

Engine Area – In order for the engine to run smoothly, there must be plenty of air, fuel, and spark. If the vehicle shudders at acceleration or starts up just fine but later shakes at an idle, it could indicate you need a tune up.

The engine is held up within the vehicle by motor mounts attached to the frame of the vehicle’s body. Loose or broken motor mounts will cause the engine to shake, as well as worn rubber. One indication that the motor mounts are responsible for your car shaking when you drive, is that the shaking may have started off slow but has progressively gotten worse.

Hope this information will help you, I have fixed a lot of autos

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