Why does my car/truck die at stop lights and other auto fixes

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Why does my car or truck die when I come to a stop?

  • Why does my car or truck die when I come to a stop?
  • Why my car or truck dies when I stop
  • Engine dies when I stop
  • Engine dies when I take my foot off of the gas pedal
  • Engine stalls when I brake
  • My air condition blowing hot air
  • No interior lights
  • Cannot charge my phone, cig lighter not working

Does your car or truck run fine as long as you keep your foot on the gas pedal, but it stalls and dies when you come to a stop light or intersection?  

Not long ago a lady friend while I was at her sisters came driving in almost panicking. Here Honda Prelude was shaking the engine and running rough. I asked her how long ago was car tuned up. She did not know. I told her the best we start with the simple parts first. I told her lets get some new plug wires and some new spark plugs. She agreed, I fixed all and said lets test out your car now. She and her Sister were so happy. The Car ran great. So a great point here. Try the little things first.

If  new  plugs and plug wires does not fix. Here are some things to look at.

My Ford F150 was dying at red lights.When I got home I pulled the idler control off held on by 2 screws. Took some clearer and sprayed it clean. Then tested my Ford no more dying.

I bought a 1998 Ford that had a blown plug the person I got it from had just got it out of shop. The truck was running rough. When I checked the blown plug area I found the plug was blowing air and when I pulled plug it came out with the repair insert. I put 6000 pound hot temp red glue and a tiny tiny amount of jb weld around the insert and screwed it back in.  Next morning I started truck and it still had a rough idle and sounded like I had a air leak. When I pulled breather I found a black air hose broken. I repaired and truck started running so smooth.

I once had a 1998 Nissan 280z car ran great above 35 but below 35 mph it bounced cut out and ran terrible. After checking I installed a new Fuel presser control value the one in your fuel line. Car ran great after the fix.

Something you need to check, this could save your life. Always check the tie rods and steering. On the Ford I bought all felt great till i went under front of truck to check, the tie rod was ready to fall off, A good way to check the front end is to jack your auto up. Then take hold of wheel and move it right and left. I there a lot of and slack before steering wheel moves? If there is this telling you have bad tie rods and needs replaced. If you move your tire and no slack and your steering wheel moves this is telling you all is fine. The point always check your steering.

I just help a lady friend she has a pt cruiser and mini cooper. Both her autos cig light quit working and she could not charge her phone.  After a check both cars had blown fuses. Easy to fix check with test light and you will easy find the bad fuse. Any problems with autos best to check for bad fuses.

Her pt cruiser had no interior lights, After a quick test I found the over head bulb had  come loose a simple fix if you know where to look. Now you do.

Is your air condition blowing hot air? Mine was in my Ford. I bought the uv freon and uv light and after test I saw the freon coming out front of my air condition. You could replace the front seal but just as easy to buy new air condition and have all new and saves time to. Other times I found freon coming out one of the line seals you can replace the seals and aid oil freon and cold freon and have your system working again.

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