Raising pigeons verse raising Quail for fun and food

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Raising pigeons verse raising Quail for fun and food


Raiser Pigeons in Pairs:

Keep in mind that male and female pigeons like to live together in pairs, so make sure you get an equal number of cages, or a big cage for the birds.  The birds usually get together on their own, the birds will become  a couple only if their traits and habits are comparable. After they mate the female  pigeons lay 2 eggs,  they’ll be in a nest box for a 18 days to hatch both male and female take  turns setting on eggs, after hatch its  30 days till grown.

Most  bigger pigeon weight over 1 pound so nice food if you raise pigeons for food. Many raise for pets, racing birds and other like to let them out of cage to forge for there own food. The safe way is to wait till they have babies then pigeons will return home most time. But beware Hawks are there enemy and some never make it back.

Provide Sufficient Nutritious Food

These birds are mostly grain and seed eaters, and it is advised that you offer them dry grains rather than grains with a high moisture level since grains with a high moisture content might induce vomiting and diarrhea. Wheat, maize, barley, and sorghum are all popular grains. Additionally, there are certain commercially prepared foods that you may purchase to supplement your pet’s diet. Pigeon eat about 2 ounces of food each day.

Birds enjoy peas, legume seeds, soybeans, and peanuts as seeds. It is advisable to crush the seeds into tiny pieces to make them easier for the young to consume. You may blend two or more seeds to guarantee they get adequate nutrients. Because the older birds feed the newly born birds, you need not be concerned about feeding them.

Grit is an excellent feed additive. In addition to calcium, iodine and other essential minerals such as sulfur, sulfur, bone powder, and oyster shells are found in grit. For instance, Kaytee oat groats provide an excellent supplement for pigeons. In addition, it is probiotic-rich and aids with digestion.
You should store the food in a convenient location where they may reach it at any time of day.

One of the better locations is close to their homes. Food should be placed in clean troughs or trays, and containers should be cleaned periodically to prevent infection.  It is not suggested to store food within lofts because it is likely contaminated with excrement and other pollutants. I got plastic bowls with lid and cut round hole in bowl  then filled with feed. My pigeon eat all they need and I love this not much wasted feed. Be sure to add a top without a top on feeder, Pigeons like to fly and set on top of feeder. This way there poop stays out of food and food stays clean and dry.

pifeon feeder  IMG_20220412_191559600

Why Quail Raising Is Awesome

Wild quail, Coturnix coturnix, isolated on a white background.

Chickens have been dubbed the “gateway animal” to farming, and for the most part, this is accurate.

However, when a smaller, more controllable bird performs many of the same functions, it becomes a bit of a competition to discover who is handier.

Quail is fantastic for various reasons, but here are some of the most compelling reasons a quail may become your farm’s most cherished “poultry.”

Are quail a simple bird to raise?

Quail is smaller than other garden birds; Jumbo quail weight out 8 ounces, i just put 15 quail in freezer. Experts feel they need less space. However, despite their small size, quail pose their difficulties. Since quail can fly, their cages must be exceedingly secure, and their little stature makes them greater prey for predators. Quail are also susceptible to illness.

“When it comes to producers, I always want to emphasize biosecurity,” Claudia Dunkley, a poultry scientist at the University of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension Service in Athens, Georgia, said. “This is a big obstacle for quail farmers.” If you have a sickness epidemic, it will swiftly spread across the flock.”

Keep quails away from other garden birds, like chickens, and migratory birds like geese.

How to grow meat quail?

Quail meat and eggs are tasty and delicate, and they are often sold to hunting preserves as game birds. In addition, quail may be easily raised for meat. Look at Jumbo Quail.

quail eggs in hand close-up

While quail will not provide as much essence as other well-known poultry species like chickens, ducks, and turkeys, you may still receive a significant amount of meat in a short period. Quail eggs hatch in 18 days, three days faster than chicken eggs. A quail grows in around four weeks, allowing much sooner meat harvesting. They take  less space in your backyard for quail, but they will also give you meat and eggs a lot quicker than most any other. Additionally, quail meat is virtually impossible to get at the local grocery.

Each quail may lay one egg per day, and although the eggs are smaller than those of chickens, they are abundant. Thus, instead of receiving quail eggs every few days, you will get them daily. As a result, quail eggs are preferred by a tiny proportion of users over chicken eggs. Additionally, since quail develop more quickly than chickens and other birds, they lay eggs much earlier at 4 weeks many quail breed start laying. Look at a slightly tilted floor for quail  this
way eggs will roll out of cage and easy to pickup.


Baby quail need high protean feed 18 to 21 percent. I noticed as my quail got older they ate more seeds and slowed down on the high protean feed.  Adult quail eats 20 to 30 grams of food daily.

Enjoy your Birds

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