How to easily remember where you lost your keys or parked your auto.

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Easy remember where you lost your keys

Stop And Think

Your mind is your greatest asset. Think about the last time you brought your keys with you. Close your eyes and think about where you are, what you’re doing, what time it is, who you’ve been with, how you’re feeling…
The technical term for this is “restore the context” and If it’s a crime witness phenomenon, finding your lost car keys should compare to a picnic.

But be careful, in some cases, your mind can play tricks on you and create a false memory that leads you in the wrong direction. Don’t think about it too much!

First, think about the last place you were sure you saw or held your keys!

Then try to go back there. It could be your house, your shopping mall, your bedroom, your office, your bathroom, your groceries, your parking lot, your school, or your classroom. your school or your friend’s house.

Relive your travels since the time when you were sure you had your keys: what did you do next? Who did you speak to? Where did you go?

If you’ve done this before, try looking for places where you don’t normally put your keys. We are often distracted by a phone call, text, or even a disturbing thought, etc., and accidentally leave the keys in a place we don’t normally put them, or maybe we didn’t pay attention when we put them.

This is especially relevant in cases where you “can’t find our keys anywhere, but you had them just minutes ago”.

Clearing the Clutter

The best way to find a missing item (in this case, your car keys) is to clear your space. It may not be your favorite thing or the advice you want to hear, but it could be the best way to find your car keys. Organize the desk, make the bed, fold the laundry, set the table, and set up the dressing area.

In the worst case, you will end up with a clean room!

Check your car:

Don’t be the one who turns the room upside down looking for a pair of reading glasses only to find they’ve been worn on your head the whole time!

What I mean is check your ignition, cup holder, glove box, trunk, and the rest of your car before you look anywhere else. This is especially relevant if you’ve just put your groceries in the trunk of your car. Most people who lose their keys after grocery shopping tell us they found them in the trunk of their car.


Did you lose your keys while shopping at the mall? You might want to go back and check out every store you’ve been to, even if just for a second. Check out fitting rooms, ask the store staff for help, and keep an eye out for shiny metal objects on the floor. Did you take a break and enjoy an ice cream at the food court? Check there too!

Pause, breathe and relax

 Stress and anxiety will only cloud your thought process. When you need to find your lost key, you need to breathe and relax so you can think clearly and see what’s right in front of you.

Where to start with clutter

 If there is a place in your home, purse, or office that is full of clutter, you should start there. These areas can easily become spaces for loose items and hide them with ease. Don’t just make more mess and spill things – start cleaning and organizing the space. You will be surprised at what you can find.

Small Space Check 

 Keys are very small objects, especially if they are not attached to a chain with other objects
This means they can easily get through small cracks and crevices. Get down and check for gaps behind or get your hands deep into the couch cushions. Do not leave any spaces blank.

Lost and Found Calling

If you’ve just moved in from somewhere, it makes sense to call and ask if someone has lost and found the set of keys. Often in the rush to check out and go, you can leave them and they’ve been safely seated in one place the whole time.

Use your memory

Close your eyes, relax and tap into your visual memory to remember the steps you took throughout the day. Try to actually visualize the keys, it can elicit key clues to find out where you last got them.

Take a walk

 literally, retrace your steps. Do exactly what you did earlier in the day, the same way, and notice a lost key somewhere along the way.

Recruit friends to help you –Finding the key is an exhausting process. Having a fresh look at your research can be helpful

Write it down

 If recalling the memories of the day doesn’t work, you’d better write it down literally. Grab a pen and paper and start writing down all of your milestones for the day in the hopes that something important pops up in your mind.


Once you find your key, review all of the above again. A second check may surprise you and reveal something you’ve never seen before.

Call a Locksmith 

If you’re not worried about losing your keys and need immediate access, or if you’d rather leave your worries to a trained professional to help you get back access to your home or car, call a locksmith!

Take your steps again

You know sometimes you go to the kitchen and you forget why you went there? Then you go back your steps to the dining room, where you first got the idea to go to the kitchen, and there you see your plate and knife and realize you’re missing a fork. This is the power of mental signals. In the event that you lose your key, you can try going back to the steps you took until the last time you remembered to have your key. Try to think of the order in which things happened. Maybe you walk through the door and realize you forgot the stove and hastily turn it off.

Then your phone rings and your coworker asks you to open up your laptop and send him the latest presentation you’ve been working on. You then quickly jump into the shower before getting ready for dinner. All of these actions can provide clues as to where your keys may be. Be sure to go through the different rooms as you try to remember them, as something in the environment can give you a clue as to where you may have left your keys.

How to make your car park easier.

If you leave your car for a while in a large parking lot or on an unfamiliar street, you may lose track of exactly where you left it. Not only is this a bit embarrassing and time-consuming, but it could also land you a parking fine and left the car behind.

Phone app:

For Android phones, there are apps like Google Now, MyCar Locator, and Car Finder AR, while for Apple phones there are apps like iCarPark and Find My Car Smarter. Then there are apps like Where Did I Park and Find My Car! for Windows phone users.

No matter what kind of phone you have, you can always try different apps online to see which one you think works best. Keep in mind that not all of these types of apps are free, and some apps may require you to pay a small fee to download them.

Alternatively, if your phone has GPS and a map app that allows you to place pins in different locations, you can use it to mark your car’s location. Once you’ve parked your car and are standing right next to it, turn on the GPS and set the latch to your current location so you can know exactly where you need to go later if you need help.

The camera on your phone:

Assuming you’ve taken your smartphone with you everywhere you’ve driven, you can use the camera to take pictures of your car and its surroundings after you’ve parked it. car. You can optionally use any visual widget near your car as a reference when locating your car. Many large parking lots have signs indicating which row you parked in, so take a photo to help you recall later.

You can even use your phone’s camera to take a short video of the area around your parked vehicle. This can give you more details to guide you to your car’s location if you forget it later.

Distinctive car decoration

If your car is a color popular with other drivers and also a commonly chosen color, you could lose track of it in a crowded parking lot.

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