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Beauty Shops to Part Stores, Real Estate, Flower shops and more. Things you will need to make a go of online sales.

Amazon started selling books from there garage! With internet connection you can do anything you dream about
The internet is oozing with opportunities. And if you don’t realize it now, you’d be left far behind in the race of earning money. Therefore, it’s vital to comprehend the unlimited scope of the internet and jump into it without even wasting a single second.
Many business persons are confused as to how to get started on the internet. So, no worries! Today, we’ll discuss in detail what should be the first and foremost steps to take in order to be successful online.
So, without any further ado, let’s begin!
Who am I to show you how. I have built and sold a 2 page Hydrogen sales business, I built and sold a large dating site and several others. So I know how. Now you are even reading a blog I put together.
Step No. 1
You will need 1. a plan, 2. Domain name, 3 hosting,4 website, 5 Marketing 6, Email marketing,
The plan if anything like this blog, My plan is to build up this blog so millions will be reading the help I provide, Then with only 10 sales a day from this blog from one of the affiliate companies will bring in $1000 a day or$30,000 a month. This may sound like a lot to some and little to others, But Think with millions of view how many sales will come in. So a good point. Provide helpful information and provide what people need.
Step no. 2
A domain name. This site is your domain name can be similar. Here is a fun place to search for your domain name. I do not earn anything from this website. Find your domain name here
I then go here after I find a domain name I like and buy the name, this site I have domain names on for many years, they store the domain name for you and send all your traffic to the domain. Most domain names are low cost but some will surprise you like when I wanted it was available at cost $30,000 so I came up with lovemeu and my cost was $10 so you see you can find cheap domain names to

Step no 3.

Now that you found a domain name you like. You will need Hosting. Hosting is like your home or business where you show your items. There are many good hosting companies I use A2 hosting and Yes I earn money when any buy there hosting.A2 Hosting Here is another good hosting,
CloudWays Both are High positive rated hosting companies that have been online many years so worth looking at
WordPress Engine Hosting – Get 3 months free on WP Engine’s new eCommerce plans with coupon code ecommwpe10

Step no 4.
Your website, could be like this blog very simple built on
Wordpress or you might want one bigger than Walmart site. Easy to get one. My suggestion if you do not know how to build one there are millions online that you can get free or little cost. Look at WordPress themes for Beauty shop theme or Parts Store theme. You should be able to find one. If I do not want to spend time putting all together I go here and hire people


be careful here. When you post a request you must attach a address of demo site you like. Your ad will be rejected if you put address in body of add so attach it. I never accept the first one who applies for job. I get 40 or 50 applying and I read and check the ones out I hire and most time great success you find some very talented here

Step No 5
Marketing, I use my blog for marketing, But a website built beautiful will just set there till you get traffic to it. No sales nothing. So the point is, Get traffic. How? Right now I am putting interesting video together, which I will send to youtube, facebook and many more site offering free information. Also there are hug sites you can post ads on like Quara then then search engine can show your ads.

The most famous local listing service is obviously ‘Google My Business’. It’s an extremely convenient way through which your potential audience can find you over the internet. On the other hand, you’ll be able to share every little detail of your local business such as the operating hours, complete address, contact information, and much more.
Moreover, there are other listing services available as well. For example, ‘Bing’ and ‘Yahoo’ are also up and running to promote your business online.
Registering your offline business with local listing services should be the first step to take your business online without even putting in any additional effort or even money!

Make your presence felt on social media

Is there even a single person on earth who doesn’t uses social media? To be honest, there are hardly any people who are away from the power of social media. So, the next step is to make a business account on social media platforms.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the highly influential social media sites that can do wonders for your business.
Moreover, for making business accounts on the social media channels, you wouldn’t be spending even a single dime!
Step No. 6
Email, Collect emails and send many times your ads or just run ads, Do which you think best. If you go with email here is a very professional company high rated and well liked.GetResponce

Start a blog

A blogging website is not only good for keeping your consumers up-to-date about your products. Rather, you can even place ads on your site and earn money. Hence, it would act as a supplementary income stream!
Therefore, a blog works in the best manner when it’s flooding with content and that too good content to keep your audience hooked. You can upload every product on your blog and write interesting content regarding it. When your potential customers would read it, they’d be tempted to immediately buy.
You’ll be buying hosting and a domain name which are available at extremely cheap prices.
Thus, the third step is to create a very engaging blog and infuse magic through words!

Make your site Search Engine Optimized

Without Search Engine Optimization, your content is nothing. Even if you’ve added every important thing to your content, it still needs to be optimized for search engines.
Hence, you need to identify the right keywords, work on the SEO strategy, and build external and internal links to make sure that your content is reaching a large audience and most importantly the right audience.
Because if your content isn’t reaching the right people, its purpose dies.
Here is where I find a lot of keyword for this blog. Chose the ones you like best.
Start selling through your blogging site

Now, that you’ve successfully created a blogging site and added great Search Engine Optimized content in it. Your next aim should be to start a shop on the same site. It’s a proven method to bring organic sales once your site has become popular. Additionally, it’s a great way of providing everything to your audience right in one place.
For example, if a customer is a bit apprehensive regarding buying a certain product. He/she can immediately go to the blogging page and find out everything about that product.
In this way, he/she will be able to make a decision on the spot.
So, it’s a win-win situation for you!

Invest in YouTube ads

Internet is a place that works brilliantly for you. However, you need to extract benefits from each and every service available on the internet. YouTube is an ever-growing platform in today’s day and age.
So, you can’t ignore YouTube. YouTube ads work like a charm. Although you’ll be putting a bit of money here it actually worth it! The point here is to run some test and find video that pulls in buyer’s
Also, you’ll need to hire a video maker so that he/she can make small yet persuasive clips that you can assign for YouTube ads. Once those ads roll in the right place, you’ll definitely observe a sudden boom in your business. I go to Fiverr and hire video  makers for low $10 to up in price. I like to see there previous work before i hire them.

Take honest reviews

When there are enough testimonials present regarding your products or service, people find absolutely no problem in trusting you! In fact, whenever a customer is about to buy something, he/she checks for reviews in order to be on the safer side!
So, get in touch with your existing customers and ask them to review your business on TrustPilot or Google.
Once the reviews are live, your reputation will increase like no other thing! And it’s actually a very effective step in taking a business on the online medium.

Update everything, every time
The last step has to be the most important for your website,
If electric goes off  or computer shuts downs anything, you’ll need to start everything from scratch again you just did and that’s very saddening and mind-numbing.. Make sure you save all and keep yourself a good backup, then its easy to update when you change item price or words on your website.

The Bottom Line
The above-steps can literally make you a winner in the online game of business! Yours already flourished offline business can connect with online business and fulfill the needs of each and every person residing in all parts of the world!
Happy Online Earning!
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