Herbs That Fight Cataracts, Facts you Should Know About Cataracts

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Herbs That Fight Cataracts, Facts you Should Know About Cataracts




When Henry David Thoreau said, “The eyes are the jewel of the body” he meant both physically and metaphorically as eyes are the focal point of any bond. With the rise of technology, increasing screen time, and lifestyle changes, a major population is facing cataracts in the eye. So, protect this precious jewel of your body and discover mind-blowing herbs which fight cataracts. 

So, dive in here to learn everything about cataracts!
What are Cataracts?




The cataract condition in the eyes occurs when the clear lens of the eye is obstructed by clumps of protein. Normally, the light enters the pupil (which is a dark spot in the middle of the eye), then it goes to the lens and finally to the retina (The light-sensitive layer of the eye which sends signals to the brain). 

So, when the lens becomes cloudy due to protein buildup, you develop cataracts. It’s a very gradual process and may take time to show its symptoms. But, it must be corrected. You will be surprised to know that according to WHO, one of the leading causes of vision impairment and blindness was cataract in 2021. 

Some of the common symptoms are:

⦁ Blurry and cloudy vision
⦁ Double vision
⦁ The feeling of loud light
⦁ Poor night vision
⦁ Distorted Vision

Herbs That Fight Cataracts





Nature is abundant in resources and always helps humans to explore its benefits. Well, you will be surprised to know that if you start using some effective herbs timely, you can control your cataract. There are so many medicinal plants helpful in controlling cataracts.  It helps to slow down the protein build-up. But, you must be consistent.

Some of the beneficial herbs to treat cataracts are:

 Fennel, a medicinal herb that is flavorful and used in some major food dishes, and it is a potent herb for controlling cataracts. It has incredible benefits for the eyes as it reduces intraocular pressure in the eyes. Fennel tea or boiled fennel water used as eye drops can effectively control cataracts and their symptoms.

Saffron works on protein degradation and helps to avoid and reduce cataracts. It’s especially helpful for people suffering from cataracts due to the aging process. You can add it to your diet to prevent cataracts.
Bilberries, defined as a Class 1 herb, were discovered by British pilots in World War 2. The soldiers used it to enhance their vision. It has an abundance of anthocyanins, which are the food and soul of healthy eyes. It corrects the retina, capillaries, and all the factors responsible for cataracts. It has lots of Vitamin A, C, and E which slow down and control cataracts. 

Ginkgo fights the free radicals in the body which are produced by external factors like pollution, poor lifestyle, etc. It has a high antioxidant value which helps to kill the free radicals which cause protein buildup that leads to cataracts. It’s extremely beneficial for your nerve cells, retina and helps to manage cataracts effectively.
It’s a very famous herb which has overall significant benefits for eye health. It brightens and heals the eyes, slowing down and controlling cataract development. Many drops, teas, and tinctures of eyebright are available for controlling eye problems. 
What are the Reasons That Lead to Cataract


Some of the reasons apart from aging which lead to cataracts are:

⦁ People suffering from diabetes are at higher risk.
⦁ People who smoke develop free radicals and may be at higher risk of developing cataracts.
⦁ If you drink excessive alcohol, it may contribute to cataracts.
⦁ Cataracts due to genetics are also very common.
⦁ An accident that leads to injury to the eye or upper body can give rise to cataracts.
⦁ Spending too much time in the sun without protecting your eyes can contribute to cataracts.
⦁ If you take steroids in painkillers and other forms it leads to protein build-up and cataracts in the eyes.

Interesting Facts About Cataracts

Here are some surprising facts about cataracts:

⦁ There are more than one type of cataract namely, nuclear cataract, cortical cataract, and posterior capsular cataracts.
⦁ Some babies are born with cataracts due to genetics and or other health problems and trauma in the mother’s womb.
⦁ Claude Monet, the famous French painter had cataracts which affected his work in his old age.
⦁ Various studies have shown that individuals with dark brown eyes have a significantly higher risk of having cataracts than people with lighter eyes.
Summing Up
A simple buildup of protein in lenses over a period of years can cause serious eye problems. You can diagnose it with the help of a simple eye checkup and use the herbs mentioned above now to control or simply reverse it. Also, always have a healthy diet and lifestyle for healthy eyes and vision. After all, “Your eyes are the window to your soul.”

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