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Foods That Aid In Faster Weight Loss

Everyone dreams to eat his or her favorite food yet lose weight. We know its hard to resist your best-loved foods in order to shred those extra pounds and to your surprise you should actually not. Just keep a check on your calories and trust the process.

There are numerous fad diets that work fast but will deteriorate your health. Such diets all the time leave you feeling hungry and deprived. To keep pounds off permanently, it is best to eat in calorie deficit. A calorie restricted diet will allow you to enjoy your favorite meals without any guilt. A person can easily replace some higher calorie foods with lower calorie foods, increase their water intake, and eat more fiber to feel full. The US National Institute of Health claims that a caloric deficit of 500 kcal/d is an integral part of a weight loss program aimed at achieving a safe rate of weight loss of 0.5-1 kg/wk.

So lets dive in through what are calories, how much calories you need, food options to opt for while being on calorie restricted diet and some unhealthy foods to avoid or enjoy once occasionally.

What are calories?

A calorie is basically a unit of measurement, but not the measurement of weight or length. A calorie in food means the unit of energy. When you hear someone say that a banana contains 100 calories this means the amount of energy your body is going to get from eating it.

Calories aren’t a hindrance in your weight loss journey. Your body needs them for energy but be sure that too many calories are going to result in weight gain. Watching your calories is very much important while losing weight. Just have knowledge about how much calories your body needs and hence create a deficit you are comfortable with.

How many calories does your body need?

Calorie requirement varies from person to person. A women need an estimate of 1600 to 2200 calories while men needs an estimate range of 2000 to 3200 calories per day.

Individuals with little activity need low end of range but if you are active throughout the day high end of the range may be more reflective. However, as we age our calorie requirement decreases.

To know about your calorie requirement multiply your weight in pounds to 14. The result with be your daily calorie requirement. Now you are clever enough to create your deficit but it is encouraged to start with 200 less. As your weight decreases your caloric demand also lessens.

  1. 27 best foods for weight loss

1. Nuts

Nuts are packed with protein and healthy fats, which keeps you fuller for a longer time. Nuts are an ideal snack option that helps you get rid of belly fat because of its high protein and fibre content. Protein boosts your metabolism helping you get rid of the extra calories and melt away the fat in your midsection. In relation to the fat content, they are full of good fats which are healthy for your heart and reduce risk of type II diabetes.

Snacking on almonds is one of the healthiest choices you can make. Almonds being a rich source of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) helps burn body fat. Eat approximately 15 almonds a day to stay in shape. Eating almonds also helps curb cravings as they are a good source of vegetable protein.

Some people may shy away from nuts as they are high in calories and fat. However, if you are aware of the calorie content you can incorporate a few nuts in your diet without going over your daily recommended calorie intake. So enjoy a handful of almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, cashews etc that will only offer you about 128-204 calories. To make your snack last longer choose nuts that you have to un shell one at a time or toss walnuts into an individual serving of unsweetened applesauce.

2. Whole Eggs

Once feared for being high in cholesterol, whole eggs have been making a comeback. Eggs are high in protein and fat, and are very satiating. They are Incredibly nutrient dense and can help you achieve all the nutrients you need on a calorie-restricted diet. Interestingly, almost all the nutrients are found in the yolks. They’re low in calories but rich in many vital nutrients.

One study in 30 overweight women showed that eating eggs for breakfast, instead of bagels, increased feelings of fullness (satiety) and made participants eat less for the next 36 hours (Trusted Source).

Another eight-week study found that eggs for breakfast increased weight loss on a calorie restricted diet, compared to bagels (Trusted Source).

A single large egg has approximately 72 calories, 6 grams of protein and a wide array of important vitamins and minerals. Studies suggest that starting your day with a serving of eggs can reduce hunger and boost fullness.

In a study in 30 women, those who ate eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel experienced greater feelings of fullness and consumed 105 fewer calories later in the day (Trusted Source). Other studies observe that a high-protein breakfast could decrease snacking, slow the emptying of your stomach and reduce levels of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for hunger. Hence, eggs are very filling compared to refined carbs like bagels, eggs can suppress appetite later in the day and may even promote weight loss.

3. Oats

Oats can be an excellent addition to a healthy weight loss diet.They’re not only low in calories but also high in protein and fiber that keeps you filled and energized. A 1/2-cup (40-gram) serving of dry oats has just 148 calories but packs 5.5 grams of protein and 3.8 grams of fiber — both of which can have a significant impact on your hunger and appetite (1).

One study in 48 adults demonstrated that eating oatmeal increased feelings of fullness and reduced hunger level (Trusted Source).

According to a study conducted in Tufts University, people who tend to eat three or more daily servings of whole grains (such as oats) are more likely to get 10 percent less belly fat than people who eat the same amount of calories from processed white carbs (bread, rice, pasta).

4. Fruits

One of the most excellent choice for weight loss is to opt for fruits. Providing a wide range of health-boosting antioxidants, fruits also reduces the risk of heart diseases, cancer and inflammation. They are enriched in vitamins and minerals.

Whether you cut it up in a salad, eat it whole, or add it to a morning smoothie, consuming apples is one option to get rid of belly fat. According to a 2012 study, apples contain ursolic acid, a compound that increases brown fat (the good fat), muscle mass (which boosts metabolism), and helps decrease diet induced obesity.

A cup of frozen grapes is an easy, nutritious snack. It’s a fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth with just a handful of calories. If grapes aren’t your thing, try a frozen banana drizzled with a tablespoon of chocolate syrup.

One fruit that deserves to be highlighted is grapefruit. Its effects on weight control have been studied directly. According to a 12-week study in 91 obese individuals, eating half a fresh grapefruit before meals led to weight loss of 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) (43Trusted Source). The grapefruit group also had reduced insulin resistance, a metabolic abnormality that is implicated in various chronic diseases. Therefore, eating half a grapefruit about half an hour before some of your daily meals may help you feel more satiated and eat fewer overall calories.

Here are some low calorie flavorsome fruit options that assists in fat loss: Peach 37 calories, ½ grapefruit 37 calories, 1 cup strawberries 50 calories, 1 cup diced water melon 51 calories, ¾ cup apricots 55 calories, 1 cup diced papaya 54 calories and orange 60 calories.

5. Guacamole

A scoop of guacamole is one of the most effective fat-burning, hunger-squashing snacks known to man. Not only are avocados rich in vitamin B6—which directly counteracts the belly-fat-building stress hormone, cortisol—they’re also full of monounsaturated fat. This healthy fat may actually prevent body fat distribution around the belly by down-regulating the expression of certain fat genes according to a research in the Journal Diabetes Care. These same satiating fats may also be the reason behind another study that found people who ate half a fresh avocado with lunch reported a 40 percent decreased desire to eat for hours afterwards. Two tablespoons of guacamole provides 45 calories.

6. Yogurt

A single-serving container of light, low-fat yogurt (or Greek-style yogurt) is an easy snack when you’re on the go. Add fresh fruit, ground flax-seeds, or reduced-fat granola to your yogurt for an additional nutritional punch or you can try freezing a container of whipped yogurt for something new.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, scientists found that women who consumed probiotics lost twice as much weight compared to those who did not.

Yogurt contains good bacteria that takes good care of your gut health by aiding digestion. Creamy yummy yogurt is a combination of carbs and protein that helps stabilize insulin, resulting in weight loss. A cup of Greek Yogurt only offers 60 calories, so simply increase your yogurt intake by adding it to your smoothies and salad dressing.

7. Cottage Cheese

Dairy products tend to be high in protein. One of the best ones is cottage cheese, which — calorie for calorie — is mostly protein with very few carbs and little fat. Eating cottage cheese is a great way to boost your protein intake. It’s also very satiating, making you feel full with a relatively low number of calories. Dairy products tend to be high in calcium. One of the best ones is cottage cheese, which — calorie for calorie — is mostly protein with very few carbs and little fat. Eating cottage cheese is a great way to boost your protein intake. It’s also very satiating, making you feel full with a relatively low number of calories. 100 grams of cottage cheese only gives 98 calories.

8. Wild Salmon

The fat-burning equation is simple: Protein builds muscle. More muscle = more fat burning. And fish is one of the healthiest sources of lean protein—especially wild salmon, says dietitian Lauren Minchen, MPH, RD, CDN. It’s also a rich source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, which fuel fat burning, block fat storage and aid weight loss, she explains. But that’s not all: “Getting enough protein and healthy fat also helps to reduce cravings and has been shown to help keep weight off for longer,” adds Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, CDN, CSCS. Salmon is low in calories 142 for 100 grams.

9. Coconut Oil

Not all fats are created equal. Coconut oil is high in fatty acids of a medium length, called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These fatty acids have been shown to boost satiety better than other fats and increase the number of calories burned (Trusted source 1, Trusted source 2). Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that may increase satiety after meals. MCT oil supplements are even more effective.

What’s more, two studies — one in women and the other in men — showed that coconut oil reduced amounts of belly fat. Of course, coconut oil still contains calories, so adding it on top of what you’re already eating is a bad idea. It’s not about adding coconut oil to your diet but about replacing some of your other cooking fats with coconut oil. However, studies show that coconut oil is less satiating than MCT oil — a supplement that contains much higher numbers of medium-chain triglycerides (52Trusted Source). Extra virgin olive oil is worth mentioning here, as it’s probably one of the healthiest fats on the planet. 1 tbsp coconut oil offers 45 calories.

10. Sweet Potatoes

The phrase “slow carb” is anything but sluggish when it comes to blasting fat. Slow carbs are digested slowly, which keeps you feeling fuller and energized longer—and sweet potatoes are one of them. Among the magic ingredients here are carotenoids, antioxidants which stabilize blood-sugar levels and lower insulin resistance, helping your body to efficiently convert calories to energy rather than store as fat. Its high vitamin profile (including A, C, and B6) gives you more energy to burn at the gym. Sweet potatoes are just 86 calories for 100 grams.

11. Chili pepper

Eating chili peppers may be useful on a weight loss diet. They contain capsaicin, a substance which has been shown to reduce appetite and increase fat burning in some studies. (Trusted source 1,Trusted source 2). This substance is even sold in supplement form and a common ingredient in many commercial weight loss supplements. One study showed that eating 1 gram of red chili pepper reduced appetite and increased fat burning in people who don’t regularly eat peppers (Trusted source). However, there was no effect in people who were accustomed to eating spicy food, indicating that a certain level of tolerance can build up. 1 pepper only gives 18 calories.

12. Bell peppers and hot peppers

Bell peppers are fantastic weight loss foods as they are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that help fight disease and lose those extra pounds. However, what lands them in this list of 27 foods that burn belly fat fast is a compound called capsaicin that has been found to increase fat-burning rate and suppress appetite, which can promote weight loss (Trusted Source).

The key to the benefits of hot peppers lies in a flavor less compound they contain, called capsaicin. The compound is especially plentiful in habaneros but also can be found in jalapenos. Capsaicin’s ability to curb appetite and speed up the metabolism makes these peppers a useful — and flavorful — addition to your diet. 1 bell peppers contains 31 calories as it’s 92% water.

13. Black Pepper

A substance called piperine in pepper blocks the formation of new fat cells. Bonus: it also increases the bio-availability of other nutrients, effectively making the rest of your meal more nutritious.

14. Cayenne Pepper

Capsaicin, the compound that gives peppers their heat, triggers fight-or-flight hormones including adrenaline and nor-epinephrine, helps to regulate your heartbeat and breathing, and mobilizes fat for your body to use.

15. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has surprising benefits — especially for those with type 2 diabetes. According to recent studies, cinnamon may play a part in stabilizing blood sugar levels, which can help satisfy hunger. Sprinkle some in your morning coffee or yogurt for some additional 0-calorie sweetness. The best thing you can do for your body is to replace sugar with cinnamon.

16. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is incredibly popular in the natural health community. It’s often used in condiments like dressings or vinaigrettes, and some people even dilute it in water and drink it. Several human-based studies suggest that apple cider vinegar can be useful for weight loss.

Taking vinegar at the same time as a high carb meal can increase feelings of fullness and make people eat 200–275 fewer calories for the rest of the day (Trusted source). One 12-week study in obese individuals also showed that 15 or 30 ml of vinegar per day caused weight loss of 2.6–3.7 pounds, or 1.2–1.7 kilograms (Trusted source).

17. Beans

“Becoming a bean lover can help you lose weight and whittle your middle,” registered dietitian Cynthia Sass told Today. Beans are loaded with soluble fiber, which eliminates inflammation in your digestive system. They contribute in feelings of fullness and a lower carb intake. 12 grams of beans give 42 calories.

18. Peanut butter

It’s packed with protein and good fats which can reduce hunger for up to two and a half hours, according to a study at Purdue University in the US. Just stick to the organic stuff, which doesn’t contain hydrogenated fats. 1 tbsp of peanut butter gives just 96 calories.

19. Mustard seeds

Cook with the seeds, not the sauce. A study in the Asian Journal Of Clinical Nutrition found eating them concentrated in oil lowered visceral fat in rats. Blitz them in a food processor with chilies for a fiery curry paste. 1 tsp of mustard seeds only offer 10 calories.

20. Chickpeas

Try roasting them in the oven with olive oil, a pinch of salt, and a teaspoon of ground cumin. Roasted chickpeas have the crunchiness of chips but with a meaty texture and a nutty flavor. Chickpeas contain 350 calories for 100 grams.

21. Avocados

Nutrient-dense avocados are a powerful source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Sprinkle avocado slices with sea salt or fill a halved avocado with salsa. They are high in fiber, which promotes weight loss and metabolic health. High fiber reduces appetite, decrease the risk of high blood pressure serve to lower your cholesterol levels. 1 serving of 1/5 of an avocado contains 50 calories.

22. Popcorn

As a whole grain that’s naturally high in fiber and low in fat, air-popped popcorn is a gluten-free snack with staying power. Drizzle melted bittersweet chocolate over popcorn for a decadent treat. 28 g of pop corn fives 100 calories.

23. Trail Mix

For a portable, healthy snack, whip up a batch of trail mix with high-fiber cereal, nuts, and dried fruit. Dried fruit is packed with fiber, but be sure to look for fruit with no added sugar.

24. Dark Chocolate

If you thought losing weight would mean giving up all your indulgences, look no further than dark chocolate. Louisiana State University researchers found that gut microbes in our stomach ferment chocolate and boost our body’s production of gut-healthy polyphenolic compounds, including butyrate, a fatty acid that encourages the body to burn fat as fuel and turns off genes linked to inflammation. (Add fruit to the chocolate to boost fermentation and the release of the compounds.) Make sure you go with chocolate that has a cacao content of 70 percent or above—these have the highest concentrations of antioxidant polyphenols. In one study in 12 women, smelling and eating dark chocolate decreased appetite and reduced levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger.

25. Green Tea

Studies suggest that green tea stimulates the body to burn abdominal fat. Drinking this fat-fighter several times per day will provide the most benefit plus clean out toxins. A cup of green tea offers 0 calories.

26. White Tea

If there’s such a thing as a muffin-top-melting tea, this is it. White tea works in three distinct ways to help strip away fat from your body. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism showed that white tea can simultaneously boost lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) and block adipogenesis (the formation of fat cells). 8 ounces of white tea barely gives 3 calories.

27. Coffee

A cup of strong coffee first thing in the morning can help you lose weight by reducing hunger pangs so you’re not tempted by sugary mid-morning snacks. That’s the findings of a study based on both overweight and normal weight subjects, published in the Obesity Journal, which found caffeine consumption of around 6mg per kilogram of body weight – that’s 450mg for a 75kg man – to be the ideal amount. Coffee has numerous other health benefits. A plain brewed coffee offers less than 5 calories with zero fat.

  1. 20 foods that can cause you gain weight faster

1. Soda (Coke)

Cokes and fizzy drinks have now become the most significant part of our meals but at the same time they can be most fattening thing you can put into your body. These drinks do not keep you full and are strongly linked to weight gain as 1 large bottle of coke offers 800 calories. Such drinks gives your body zero nutrition but hundred of calories. Studies have shown that people who drink such drinks are more likely to become obese than those who don’t. Researches claim that people who consume soda long with their regular meals take 17% more calories. Resulting, in significant weight gain.

Apart from making you fat consuming soda can cause insulin resistance which is a root cause of metabolic syndrome. Soda consumption causes Type 2 diabetes, increase the risk of eart diseases and have a higher risk of caner.

Hence, don’t risk your health as drinks such as coke does no good to your body.

2. Alcohol

You will never drink alcohol after you will get to know what it does to your body. Firstly, it causes you to gain fat because of calories, but you will be shocked to know that it also contains additives and mixers that offers extra calories with lots of sugar. It results in weight gain as it stops your body from burning fat, it’s high in kilojoules plus it doesn’t curb your hunger leading you to make unhealhty food choices later. 1 glass of red wine offers 150 calories.

3. Fruit juices

You might be wondering how does fruits that are complemented with high minerals and nutrients can cause you gain weight, well it’s true as fruits contain natural sugars. Reports claim that consumption of fruit juices can lead to unhealthy outcomes especially among children. For one glass of juice you will have to blend many fruits, for example if you are to make apple juice you will have to add 4 apples which means about 380 calories. That is why it is always recommended to eat fruits as a whole.

Some high calorie fruit juices to avoid: Avocado juice 230 calories, Banana shake 220, apple juice 300 calories and mango shake 252 calories.

4. Sweetened milk coffee

Coffee alone can promote weight loss by boosting metabolism and aiding appetite control. But if it combined with full fat milk it will result in weight gain. Full fat milk is itself dense in calories and fat, especially saturated fat. If you will make a milk coffee you will definitely add sugar and probably top it with whipped cream to curb your sugar cravings but remember it hinders your weight loss.

5. Ice Cream

Sure ice cream is everyone’s favorite and a comfort food but keep in mind pleasure comes with pain. Ice creams contain high value of calories as they are basically sugar and milk. If you are fan of ice creams just like most people are, have it occasionally rather than daily. 100 grams of vanilla ice-cream contains 207 calories while chocolate ice cream provides 216 calories.

To choose a healthier option, look for ice creams having less than 15 grams of sugar per serving. Also, keep a watch on your portion size.

6. Takeaway pizza

With a heavy heart you need to accept this reality that your favorite cheesy chicken bread can actually end up making you obese. Pizza is made up of flour, sugar, ketchup sauce, chicken and of course tons of cheese making it worth 300 calories per slice. So never exceed more than 1 slice and go for pizzeria that uses healthier ingredients, such as vegetables and whole-grain dough. You can also make it at home, not only will it be healthy but it’s fun making.

7. Cookies and Doughnuts

Cookies and doughnuts are hard to resist but they come up with high amounts of sugar, refined flour, and added fats which will make you fat and you don’t want that. Consuming them will want you to eat more as you are allowing your body to load up in sugar hence rise in your blood glucose level. Your blood sugar spikes leading to crash consequently then you will find yourself munching on such sugary foods. 100 grams of cookies gives you 502 calories whereas one big donuts gives you 300 calories.

8. French Fries

French fries are popular snack or side especially children’s favorite. Fries are very high in added fats, refine carbs and salt connected to fat gain. French fries raise the risk of cardiovescular diseases. A study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has showed that eating fries frequently has increased risk of premature death. 100 grams of fries offers 312 calories.

9. Milk chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth you are then surely a chocolate addict. Afterall who doesn’t love chocolates but are you aware of its caloric content? Well, let it be known that chocolate milk contains added sugar and therefore leads to increased calorie intake. In US 1/3 of children are already overweight and at a higher risk of chronic diseases. Only 100 grams of milk chocolate provides 535 calories.

10. White bread

White bread is highly refined and often contains a lot of added sugar. It has a high content of glycemic index and can spur your blood sugar level. A study found out that eating 2 slices of white bread daily increases the risk of obesity for about 40%. 1 slice of white bread gives 80 calories. Moreover, white bread has a high carb content and low micronutrients. Its gluten and antinutrients content may cause health problems in individuals. Remember health is you upmost priority so always go for a whole-grain bread.

11. Pasta

If you are an Italian food lover then pasta must be one of your favorite dishes but seems like majority is uninformed that it can be fattening. To your information pasta is high in carbs which is bad for your body if consumed in large amount. Furthermore, its gluten content can trigger your health if you are gluten-sensitive. Refined pasta is low in fiber and high on calories.

A study including 117,366 people found that high carb intake, especially from refined grains, was linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Another study claim that higher refined grain consumption was associated with increased waist circumference, blood pressure, blood sugar, bad LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides and insulin resistance.

1 bowl of refined pasta gives 220 calories, 43 grams of carbs, and only 2.5 grams of fiber whereas, whole-grain pasta gives just 170 calories, 37 grams of carbs and 6 grams of fiber. Now the choice is your to opt for whole-grain pasta and enjoy it being guilt free.

12. Granola

I am hundred percent sure you must be now blown away to know granola can make you fat. A regular granola is made up of oats, healthy nuts, seeds, brown sugar and cinnamon, though these ingredients might seem healthy as these are enriched with fiber and protein still its over consumption can cause you to gain weight.

“This is one of our leading health-food impostors!” says Lisa Moskovitz, RD, founder of The NY Nutrition Group. Nearly 600 calories, 30 grams of fat, and 24 grams of sugar goes in your body for just 1 tiny cup pf granola. It’s equivalent to eating two slices of cheesecake.

So always go for little quantity and don’t forget to keep a check on its calories.

12. Ketchup

Ketchup is a smooth sauce made up from tomatoes, vinegar and lots of sugar, is always we have alongside our favorite fast foods. Only 1 tbsp of ketchup is going to give you 30 calories, 4 grams of sugar, and 190 milligrams of sodium. Only 8 tbsp of ketchup will have you reach your daily sodium intake.

In addition to the above, ketchup contains a high fructose corn syrup which is extremely toxic to your body. It spikes the blood sugar level responsible to increase appetite which is linked to obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. Thus, try to replace ketchup with yogurt sauce.

13. Nutella

Nutella, your go to quick and easy breakfast, consumed as a topping for your toast, pancakes and waffles is in realism blameworthy for your weight gain.

It actually sounds nuts, but nutella which is claimed to be made up of hazelnuts is in reality made of sugar and palm oil with almost no actual nuts. So don’t fool yourself by giving fake relief that you can give it a space in your pantry. It’s your diet enemy as it contains dairy, soy additives and a plethora of sugar.

Two tablespoons (37 grams) of nutella is going to offer you 200 calories, 12 grams of fat, 21 grams of sugar and scarcely 2 grams of protein. Nevertheless to say that you can not enjoy this delicious chocolate spread ever. Use Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread instead which is organic or you can also make yourself a vegan version of nutella at home with all raw ingredients.

14. Sugary Cereals

Cereals are ideal easy, no cooking breakfast options around the world commonly eaten with milk, yogurt, fruit or nuts. They are made up of grains and a high level of sugar.

They are made by processing grain into fine flour then mix it with ingredients like sugar, cocoa, and water. Afterwards they are dried and shaped. See nothing healthy goes inside cereals and thats how you gain fat fast.

Starting your day with high sugary breakfast will give rise to your blood sugar and insulin levels. Few hours later your blood sugar may crash leaving you to crave another unhealthy meal. Excess consumption can lead to serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

A small bowl of sugary cereal is going to give you 200 plus calories. No matter what always choose whole grain cereals which are sugar free and keeps you fuller for a longer period.

15. Cocktail Mixers

Mixers are stuff you add to liquor to make cocktails. Margarita, pina colada, and blood marry are top cocktail mixers. As much as they taste good they are also high in sugar content. Small portions of drink does no harm but excess can cause serious health complications.

They are high in calories as they include high amounts of sugar. Only 12 ounce of cocktail is going to give you 60 grams of sugar and you don’t want that. So stick to a clear spirit on the rock or a glass of wine to save extra calories.

16. Protein Shake

Protein shake are drinks made by mixing protein powder with water to meet your daily protein requirement. People often drink protein shake to gain muscle mass. They are known to increase metabolism and fill your appetite. But most people make a mistake by choosing sugary protein powders or flavored ones. They are going to increase your blood sugar level and hence you will eat more. A 16 ounce serving can easily make you put 150-600 calories into your body.

Keep in mind to check labels on any protein powder to make sure you are choosing the one with zero or mimimum sugar.

17. Sodium filled snacks

Sodium filled snacks will make you feel thirsty and you will confuse it with hunger later fiding yourself to munch on unhealthy foods. Salty snacks are fiber less and antinutrients.

So drink a glass of water before you start snacking and make sure to always choose whole grain versions which will keep you filled and energized for a longer period.

18. Tea Lattes

Match and chai tea lattes are consumed in large quantities all round the globe. But have you ever wondered about its nutritional value. Well gear your self up to know that a sweetened tea latte contain almost triple the sugar found in a regular coffee latte.

A latte means you are adding extra calories to your diet. Per drink you allow 400 calories into your body which is equal of eating two bars of chocolate.

19. Processed Foods

It is claimed that processed foods cause you to gain weight but it’s more about just calories. Experts are of the idea that processed foods tend to make people binge eat as they are full of refined carbs, sugars and fat. Most of these foods, lack fiber, protein, vitamins and other vital nutrients.

A research published at Thursday journal cell metabolism has found out that people who ate ultra-processed foods be likely to ate more calories and gain weight fast. Such kinds of food raise your hunger hormones as compared to minimally processed foods.

The National institute of health, conducted a research in which few people were fed highly processed meals for two weeks and it was discovered that the participants gained two pounds.

Processed foods contribute in 57% of energy, 52% of saturated fat, 75 % of added sugar, and 57% of sodium. So try to avoid processed foods and preserve your health.

20. Meat

Those who consume more meat are very much inclined to eat extra 500-700 calories per day. Eating meat is linked to weight gain due to its high energy and fat content.

Researches say, that eating less meat is going to keep you healthy. Just 1 piece of cooked meat is going to give you 478 calories. So always choose lean meat.


In this article we have educated you about calories and foods to choose while losing fat. No matter how much weight you need to lose, cutting out extra calories is always the right solution.

Needless to say, if you are mindful about your calorie intake you are good to go. Now be smart and opt for healthier yet flavorsome food options. Keep in mind hydration, feeling full and an active lifestyle should be your prime concern.

Are you ready to start your weight loss journey?

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