Hot Flashes your Body Feels Burning

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What are Hot Flashes:
A hot flash is the feeling of heat that comes from the body. It is not due to the hot weather. When you are feeling a hot flash, your face, chest, and neck suddenly turn red and warm and you feel the sweat on your body. Your body is like you are blushing.

Causes of hot flashes in women:
Hot flashes in women are due to many reasons:
⦁ Hormonal changes before, during, and after menopause(It is the time when menstrual periods become irregular and eventually stop) in the body are the basic cause of hot flashes. Researchers suggest that hot flashes occur when estrogen levels decreased and cause your body’s hypothalamus to become more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature. When the hypothalamus saw that your body is too warm, it starts a hot flash to cool you down.
⦁ Hormonal imbalance contains a variety of causes, such as diabetes, tumors, many birth control forms, and eating disorders.
⦁ Hot splashes can be due to spicy foods, alcohol, hot drinks, caffeine, smoking, anxiety and stress, spinal lesions, therapy radiation, chemotherapy, or some forms of the thyroid.
⦁ Wearing tight clothing can cause hot splashes.
⦁ Sometimes Pregnancy can also be the cause of hot splashes.
⦁ Some medications also cause hot splashes.
⦁ The side effect of cancer treatment is also the cause of hot splashes.
Signs and symptoms of hot splashes:
During hot splash you may have :
⦁ Warmth:
warmth is the standard symptom of having a hot flash. it starts from the middle of the chest and then spread quickly to all body parts but especially to the face and neck. While some people can notice the hotness while others people find the extreme heat. Tight clothing can aa
also, be the reason for the hot flash because it will trap the heat close to your body.
⦁ The appearance of redness:
Redness on the skin is not only due to simple blushing, it isis also the symptoms of a hot flash and feel like uncomfortable. The redness spread over your whole face, neck, ears, chest, and the reason for redness is the rushing of blood to you the surface of your skin
⦁ Irregular heartbeat:
A rapid heartbeat can often feel that your heart is fluttering in your chest. You may need to sit down, feel weak and experience shortness of breath. This is the general Symptom of a hot flash
⦁ Sweating mostly on your upper body:
Sweating is frequent and happens when we do exercise. When you turn hot, your body temperature increases then your body tries to cool your body temperature by releasing fluid through the soporiferous gland under the skin surface. In the hot flash period, perspiration can come out in a wide range of intensity. You feel the sweat on your upper lip, your underarms, your back of the neck, your forehead, and your chest.

⦁ A chilled feeling when the hot splashes let down:
⦁ This feeling gives shakes and you feel that you may never get warm. This is irritating and stressful when it happens often
⦁ Anxiety feeling.
⦁ Tangling fingers:
A tingling in like your fingers is due to hot flashes
⦁ The rush of Blood:
In a hot flash, people suffer a rush of blood starting from the toes and rushing in all over the body. It feels like a wave of something that pulses through your body. You feel that blood is everywhere. Sometimes rush may be felt in the upper body only.
⦁ Feeling of dizziness, perspiration, faintness, or weakness.
⦁ Headache:
Severe pain is located all over the head or in some places, especially under the eyes.

⦁ Breathe faster:
When your heartbeat goes quickens, you begin to try to breathe faster to feel cabal down. However, this does not help you at that teatime. If you continue breathing same as the way, even if you are getting more oxygen, You will feel that all oxygen is sucked from the room This is due to that you are not providing a chance to expel carbon dioxide. In these cases, you feel suffocating.
⦁ Claustrophobia:
it is the fear of enclosed and small spaces. Many women, kids, and men begin to develop this fear during hot flashes conditions, even if they are not necessarily feeling claustrophobia in past. When you are feeling suffocated, it is much more severe than you are present in a small and cloudy space. Your chest may tighten due to a supposed lack of oxygen, the room, space, elevators, airplanes, crowded restaurants, and enclosed stairwells, everything may begin to feel smaller and smaller.
⦁ Panic:
if your body feels like claustrophobia, You will begin to panic. Panic is the form of extreme anxiety in which you do not understand your feelings You may have crying, running out of the room, screaming, and ripping your clothes off. A panic attack can be severe. Your mind does not work regularly in panic.
⦁ Rosacea:
It is a skin condition in which skin redness remains for a long interval. It means continuous flushing, swelling, and burning during a hot flash period and sometime after your hot flash also.
⦁ Electric Shock sensation.

Causes of Hot Flashes in men:

Androgen deprivation therapy:
It is a method that is used to treat cancer prostate in which production of testosterone is prohibited so that it is unable for the growth of the cancer cell.
A lot of stress or mental health issues such as mental disorders, depression, and anxiety are the cause of hot flashes in men with the loss of libido, change of mood swings, and erectile dysfunction.
 Medical disorders. 
Many Issues of medical are the cause of men’s Testosterone levels dropping and in turn reason for experiencing hot flashes.
Some food eating rarely causes hot flashes in men.
This can occur due to food additives reactions such as monosodium glutamate(GSM). Alcohol and spicy foods can also lead to the perception of hot flashes.
Hot flashes can be caused by the cancerous abnormalities of the reproductive organs ( prostate or testis that cause hormone levels to fluctuate). Same as with the brain, Occurrences may be caused to tumor development that is located in the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain.
As men age, the male body generates less testosterone and androgens, sometimes dropping below normal. This may cause the development of hot flashes and a decrease in sex drive. The low androgen and testosterone levels typically occur in a man in his 50s and can occur early in the age of his 30s.
Many medicines can disrupt the normal function of the male body. It can include the production of the male hormone. Many medical treatments, such as therapy of hormone deprivation can also cause the development of hot flashes.
Treatment of hot flashes
More healthy lifestyle choices can be due to changes in your daily food choices. A healthy lifestyle is a significant impact on hot flash development. Your doctor can guide you with a good plan to make your process of decision-making a bit easier. This health plan helps you to focus on weight loss and excess fat and is known for creating an increased amount of body estrogen.
Eat more fruits and vegetables: 
Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and antioxidants. These are helpful in a healthy diet and good for health.
Choose healthy fats:
Every person’s body needs a specific amount of fat. Not all fat is bad for you but choosing the best one is the key to your body. Omega-3 is great for supporting the best blood circulation process and a healthy heart.
Select plant protein over animal protein:
For maintaining muscle strength and body mass lean, You should get the necessary enough protein. Beans, Selected grains, and legumes are good sources of plant protein.
Consume green tea:
Green tea contains substances named catechins, which have many antioxidant properties. For a healthy feeling, you should replace your drinks that contain sugar, this will help prevent illness 
Avoid foods and additives that are harmful to health: 
In the early world, it was easy to fall into the trap of eating foods that are not healthy. A lot of them are harmful to health in the long time run but nowadays they should be avoided as much as possible. These unhealthy foods contain a large variety of sugar content.
Quantity and quality of your sleep:
Sleep is also necessary for good health. Doctors also recommended the amount of sleep that is vital for health. Hormone production can be interfered with by sleeping blackness. When you take sleep a priority, your body will be very thankful for you.
 Gingko Biloba:
The herbs are helpful for the mind. Gingko Biloba is known for brain-boosting blood. This herb can help in increasing dopamine production which leads to the increased activity of the pleasure of the brain centers.
Tribulus Terrestris: 
It is also a herb, that is used to help libido stimulate and promotion of normal testosterone levels. It is used for many centuries. an active compound name protodioscin is included in this herb, which is very useful as a precursor to testosterone.
Suma is a herb name that is originating from the “Suma ground vine”.
This herb is used for the improving tonic of libido and sexual desire.
This herb contains “ecdysterone” a bioactive compound that helps in the promotion of normal testosterone levels in men and stimulates sexual performance.

Causes Hot Flashes In Children

Hot flashes in children are due to some medical conditions or due to a reaction to some medicine. Some reasons for hot flashes in children are as follows:
⦁ Hormonal changes
A lot of changes occur in the hormonal level at the time of puberty. Puberty hormones can spike and change, resulting in hot flashes. The reproductive system in boys and girls also changes. therefore hot flashes are common at this stage(stage of development).
⦁ Body thermostat
Child’s body temperature changes ( thermostat) the hypothalamus change body temperature. It is the part of the brain that controls the functions of the brain such as appetite, hormonal changes, blood pressure, and temperature regulation.
Side-Effects Of Medication
You can observe hot flashes when your child is on medications for some medical treatment. Hormonal changes due to some medicines can be the cause of hot flashes in children. if your child stops medicines, the symptoms can be visible after medications. Howe ever if the hot flashes are continues after medical treatment then consult your doctor.
⦁ Diseases
Many disorders are also caused by hot flashes in children. For example, if your child is feeling epilepsy, and is to seizures, he/she can experience hot flashes during this period.
⦁ Phobia
A feeling of fear from anything, any condition, or a situation. In the case of a phobia, the child can have a sudden outbreak of perspiration and the feeling of hotness all over the body.
⦁ Spicy food
Kids love to eat mostly spicy and junk food. These types of foods are also caused the condition of hot flashes in children. Most hot splashes stop within 4 to 5-year children but in case of longer then consult your doctor, because it is the signal of an underlying medical condition.

Symptoms Of Hot Flashes In Children
In the children a lot of variety of hot flashes found such as four children can show different frequencies and levels of hot flashes. One child can also have a different level and frequency of hot flashes at different times. Such as one or many in a day depends on the cause and condition of hot flashes. Hot flashes are very common during the night and then during the day in children.
Common symptoms that your child can experience during a hot flash are as follows:
⦁ Rapid heartbeat.
⦁ Hotness spreads on the upper parts of the body.
⦁ The color of the skin becomes red because of hot flashes as if your child is blushing.
⦁ After the hot flash, the child can feel chilled.

Treating Hot Flashes In Children
If you feel hot flashes, then consult with the doctor, the doctor will suggest the best treatment that depends on the symptoms and causes of your child. The doctor can suggest according to the history of your child. The most important treatment is to avoid the junk foods and triggers such as caffeine. Tight clothes should be prohibited.
⦁ Antidepressants
If the child is feeling hot flashes then, the doctor can be given antidepressants in small doses. Some antidepressants are Clonidine, paroxetine, pregabalin, Venlafaxine, Fluoxetine, and gabapentin.
⦁ Hormone therapy
When you saw that your child has frequent attacks of hot flashes, then a dose of hormones estrogen and progesterone prove good. However, if you have a history in the family of uterus or breast cancer, then this therapy for young girls is not a good option. If your child is facing hot flashes then try to identify the triggering factors. in case of hot flashes are accompanied by other related signs then consult with the doctor. The Rescue Center can also treat hot flashes based on symptoms and treatment may not include medications. Similarly, you should try to control the triggering factors and focus on your child’s relaxing practices to reduce the occurrence of hot flashes.
Causes of hot flashes in Teenage:

Treatment For Hot Flashes In Teens :
Many health cares suggest the following treatment for hot flashes in teens

⦁ Cognitive-behavioral therapy: 
A talking therapy that is effective for treating anxiety or panic disorders,
⦁ Medications:
Many health cares to prescribe some medications after this therapy.
⦁ Hormonal therapy:
Hormonal therapy is the same as for children and women and men. 
⦁ Anti-thyroid medicines:
Doctors suggest Anti-thyroid medicines for that type of teenager who feels hot flashes.
Causes Of Hot Flashes In Teenagers:
Hot flashes in teenagers can be due to many various triggering factors and conditions.
⦁ Panic disorder and phobia:
Teenage can feel hot flashes due to panic or phobia of something. This disorder is commonly for 11 to 19 years children. The child can feel shortness of breath.
⦁ Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism):
This condition can occur when your child’s thyroid gland to excessive thyroid hormone. Children can feel it when he feels anxiety, nervousness, poor school performance, and lighter or irregular menstrual cycle in a teenage girl.
⦁ Cancer:
It can be due to a few types of cancers. Hot flashes at night are the symptoms of cancer.
⦁ Other triggers:
Spicy food eating, drinking cold or hot drinks, smoking tight clothes wearing, side effects of medications

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