ATV and Motorcycle Repairs

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Service and Repair Pricing
ATV Specific Pricing:

Below is a list of common ATV offerings and repairs, at the side of our pricing and a brief description. The pricing is based totally at the maximum common ATVs and may range for your specific model, but we strive our fine to give you the maximum accurate pricing up the front.
ATV Level 1 Full Service – $109 plus components

This applies to maximum ATVs. It consists of the following:

Engine/Transmission oil trade
Lube and alter cables
Clean, lube and modify chain
Clean and oil air filter
Set air strain in tires
Complete multi-point check out/lube/regulate

Typical parts used are engine and transmission oil (preference of Bel-Ray, Maxima or Golden Spectro).

ATV Level 2 Full Service – $209 plus components

This applies to maximum ATVs. It includes the subsequent:

Engine and transmission oil trade
Compression test and exchange spark plug
Lube and adjust cables
Clean, lube and modify chain
Clean and oil air filter
Cooling machine flush
Flush front and rear braking systems
Re-percent silencer
Set air stress in tires
Complete multi-factor look into/lube/modify
eight% discount on any additional offerings

Typical parts used are engine and transmission oil (preference of Bel-Ray, Maxima or Golden Spectro), NGK spark plug, coolant (desire of Engine Ice or Maxima Cool-Aide), brake fluid (Bel-Ray) and silencer packing (FMF).

ATV Level three Full Service – $359 plus components

This applies to all 4-stroke dirt bikes. It includes the following:

Engine and transmission oil exchange
Compression test and exchange spark plug
Valve adjustment (and install aftermarket cam at no additional charge, if applicable)
Lube and adjust cables
Clean, lube and regulate chain
Clean and oil air clear out
Cooling device flush
Flush front and rear braking structures
Re-percent silencer
Set air stress in tires
Complete multi-point inspect/lube/regulate
15% cut price on any extra offerings

Typical elements used are engine and transmission oil (preference of Bel-Ray, Maxima or Golden Spectro), NGK spark plug, coolant (choice of Engine Ice or Maxima Cool-Aide), brake fluid (Bel-Ray) and silencer packing (FMF).

ATV Oil Change – $50 incl. Parts

Engine/Transmission oil alternate and oil clear out change. Price includes Bel-Ray 10w40 engine oil and an Emgo oil filter.
ATV 2-Stroke Top-End Rebuild – $550 incl. Parts

Price INCLUDES traditional components (Pro X piston and Cometic gaskets) and labor. Price also consists of a whole carb overhaul. Single-cylinder ATVs most effective.
ATV four-Stroke Top-End Rebuild – $750 incl. Components

Price INCLUDES typical parts (Pro X piston and Cometic gaskets) and labor. Labor consists of a entire carb overhaul, valve adjustment and aftermarket cam set up, if applicable.
ATV Carb Overhaul – $150-$225 incl. Components

Complete disassembly to component stage, cleaning all surfaces, clearing all passages, reaming jets, tuning accelerator pump timing, and replacement of any necessary components.
ATV Valve Adjustment – $225 incl. Parts

Bucket-over-shim type valve adjustment, single or twin cam. Aftermarket cam installation to be had at no greater rate.
4-Stroke Valve Job – $2 hundred incl. Parts

Single cylinder 4-valve head, includes valve activity and Pro X substitute intake valves. Price does NOT include removal and set up of cylinder head.
Clutch Replacement – $one hundred fifty incl. Components

Includes replacement of take hold of plate and an oil exchange. Price consists of EBC grasp plates and choice of Bel Ray, Maxima or Golden Spectro oil.
Water Pump Seal Replacement – $75 incl. Elements

Includes flushing of coolant system and replacement of waterpump seal. Price consists of waterpump seal and Maxima Cool-aide. Engine Ice improve available for $15 more.
Shock Oil Change – $a hundred twenty five incl. Elements

Includes disassembly of shock, cleaning of components and filling with oil, bleeding and charging with nitrogen. Price consists of Maxima Racing surprise oil and nitrogen. Price is consistent with surprise and does now not encompass elimination or installation.
Shock Rebuild – $275 incl. Parts

Includes complete disassembly of surprise, cleaning of componants, replacing all put on gadgets and filling with oil, bleeding and charging with nitrogen. Price includes Maxima Racing surprise oil, Pivot Works or KYB rebuild package and nitrogen. Price is in keeping with shock and does no longer include removal or set up.
Replace Chain and Sprockets – $50

Includes alternative of front and rear sprockets and chain. Labor most effective, does no longer consist of any parts.
Clean, Lube and Adjust Chain – $15

Includes cleaning, lubing and adjusting of chain. We completely use Grunge Brush, biodegradable solvent and Bel-Ray Blue-Tac chain lube.
Replacement of Brake Pads – $forty five incl. Elements

Includes replacing the brake pads in one caliper and bleeding machine. Price includes one set of Galfer brake pads and Bel Ray brake fluid. When replacing pad on the front brake device of ATVs, BOTH aspects should be executed. We WILL NOT simply update one side due to safety worries.
Tire Change – $25

Includes dismount and mount of 1 tire/wheel.

A seasoned explains repair and maintenance for motorcycles and ATVs that you could do your self. Save money via replacing CV boots, cleaning and lubing chains and cables, and appearing different basic responsibilities

Tire strain subjects!
Proper stress

Fill your tires to the ATV manufacturer’s recommended pressure (it’s printed on a label stuck to the gadget and on your proprietor’s manual), by no means to the maximum stress proven on the tire sidewall.


Many ATV owners have lost their low-pressure tire gauge and use an vehicle tire gauge as an alternative. Big mistake! It give you an correct analyzing. And in line with our seasoned, Josh Fischer, (the owner of Unlimited Motor Sports Repair), maximum customers overfill their tires, occasionally by as a whole lot as 20 to 30 lbs. That reduces traction and increases the “soar” issue that would throw you from the gadget. In 2006, ATV injuries inside the United States resulted in an anticipated 882 deaths and 146,600 visits to the emergency room. Don’t be the subsequent statistic. Inflate your tires to the right stress. If you’re considering buying an ATV, take a look at out those pointers on buying a used ATV.
Replace your ATV’s CV boots and keep $a hundred


New boot and clamps

New CV boots and bands are available at dealers or online.

Constant speed (CV) boots hold the lubricating grease within the joint and the dust out—until they crack. Then you have to replace them—and speedy! Once they’re open to the surroundings, the grease attracts dust, which grinds up the metal elements right away. Instead of changing an $18 boot, you’ll be shopping for the entire joint at $125 a pop.

It’s clean to check the situation of the CV boots. Just search for clean grease around the pleats. If you see any, the boot is toast.

Replacing a CV boot is fairly simple preservation, however you’ll need to eliminate the axle shaft from the system. To try this, you’ll must jack up the machine and guide it with jack stands (see your service guide for jacking and guide locations). Then eliminate the wheel and the axle nut.

Next, do away with the axle from the differential. Most axle styles pop out with a crowbar, but a few require a unique technique, so refer to your service guide. Service manuals are worth the funding in case you plan to do your own paintings (take a look at the provider or on line for expenses and availability).

You should purchase individual CV boots, but as long as you have the axle shaft out of the system, it’s satisfactory to update each of them without delay. You’ll additionally want a band installation device. Buy one out of your nearby dealer, or take a look at on line (seek “ATV equipment and parts”). Once the axle is out, follow the boot substitute method proven.

Clean and maintain your ATV air filter

: Oil the filter

Pour fresh oil on the cleaned filter element. Then squeeze the foam to spread the oil into the pores. Reinstall it on the carburetor.

Most of you operate your ATVs in dirty conditions. That’s fine; they’re designed for that. But you have to keep the air filter clean. According to Josh, just about every machine he works on has a seriously clogged filter. A dirty filter lowers your gas mileage and causes poor engine performance. Cleaning the filter is messy, but anybody can do it.

Buy an air filter cleaning kit from your dealer. It contains a bottle of cleaning solution and a spray can of filter oil. You’ll also need a plastic cleaning tub, rags, a bucket of soapy water and chemical-resistant gloves.

Clean and lubricate your motorbike chain

     Clean the chain

Dunk the brush in degreaser and slide it up and down the chain. Rotate the chain and repeat till you’ve wiped clean the complete chain. Rinse with smooth degreaser and sponge it dry with a rag.Cleaning and lubing your motorbike chains  takes only a few minutes and can dramatically boom the existence of the chain. Many motorcycle proprietors do it wrong. Lube desires to be carried out to the a part of the chain that meshes with the cogs. If you use it on the out of doors of the chain, centrifugal pressure will throw it off before it could penetrate to the chain’s innards.

Lube clutch and brake cables
Disconnect and lube

Disconnect the stud give up of the cable from the lever. Then attach the cable luber. Insert the spray straw into the hole on the luber and inject the lube below stress to force it into the cable.

Josh replaces loads of cables that might closing tons longer with periodic lubrication. And, with replacements costing $20 and up, normal lubrication is simply plain clever. Lubricate the cables twice in line with season. It’s easy to do, however you’ll need this special lubrication tool for an powerful process. Buy it (and a can of spray cable lube) at your dealer or on line.
Change the differential oil for your ATV

This simple drain-and-replenish method ought to be executed often. But many owners overlook it, resulting in big restore bills. Refer on your proprietor’s manual for encouraged change durations and the proper kind of lube oil.
Required Tools for this Project

Have the essential gear for this DIY undertaking lined up before you start—you’ll shop time and frustration.

Four-in-1 screwdriver
Adjustable wrench
Socket/ratchet set
Utility knife
Wrench set

You’ll also want a low-pressure tire gauge, a sidecutter, a banding device, a crowbar, rubber gloves, and a chain-cleaning brush.
Required Materials for this Project

Avoid remaining-minute shopping trips with the aid of having all your substances equipped in advance of time. Here’s a list.

ATV air filter cleansing kit
ATV differential oil
Chain lube
CV boot
CV clamps
Grease for CV
Spray cable lube

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