PetPlate offers a predominant Human-Quality dog food which works on the base of a subscription. PetPlate is an absolute 5 star rated pet service where your pet dog gets to relish the best Human -grade food cooked in USDA Kitchens exclusively pampering you and pet dog with there professional packaging which is almost picture perfect without any mess and cost effective. The quality and the immense effort incorporated in the food with a door step delivery holds it’s 5 star rating high. Any of the gut problems, specific health issues, taste buds of your pup would be hugely considered and valued, thereafter taken care keenly. You have all the liberty to personalize your pets food keeping his/her tummy thoroughly happy enhancing the bond between you and your darling puppies. The personalized meal plan or preparation could be like designed with unique characteristics, with human-grade ingredients with a surprising on time delivery never letting your pet crave for food. They even ensure that all the pet recipes retain their nutrients and freshness by cooking then in kettles.


The very purpose of PetPlate is to make better food be available for dogs our most beloved ones live long, happy, healthy keeping agile while enjoying their lives with our families. Over 15,000,000 have been delivered in such a customized pet friendly pattern.

So… What’s more to wait and ponder step in gracefully into this remarkable and rewarding  Program

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5 Star User Rating




Ollie Pets, it being one of the most reputed service for providing healthy dog food.

The food they provide is perfectly tailored rather customized with the high target of using human-grade ingredients meticulously not missing on any of the nutrients or nourishment required for your pet dog. Moreover the great breath of relief serving your dear one this freshly prepared food is there are no added artificial colors or preservatives ruling out the future risks on your dog’s health with a 100% natural approach. The food is priced according to the dog’s calorie intake. The happy point is you can pick up plans starting from even $3.

Thereafter the ultimate clue and bulleted Key Features of Ollie Pet  are


Ollie Pet  being it a blessing from THE BRAND “OLLIE PETS” it is a pure smart, safe and easy option to get into the Ollie Pet .

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EUSOH is a simple, affordable solution and absolute alternative for insurance with low risks. It is probably the best suggested alternative for pet insurance.

Pet preventive care is the key feature of the Eusoh as many cannot afford costly health care and wellness choices for your pet offered by many pet insurance companies. Eusoh is yet a three star rated option for pet care. It even includes

“vaccination” for your darling pets.

Prime and Key Features of Eusoh

How Eusoh Does work?

  1. You should tell about your pet and the place you reside
  2. Eusoh will recommend places based on the breed and age of your pet
  3. Get your pet enrolled and lift your collars with pride to be unconditionally loving pet parents
  4. Eusoh covers almost all the major risks for your pets such as future accidents, illness once they get into any of these misfortunes.
  5. Eusoh helps you to afford more towards grooming and enjoying with your pet giving it more goodness and well you can also save enough with Eusoh

The Pros of Eusoh are

  1. It covers more types of treatments other than standard pet insurance
  2. Transplant pricing structure
  3. No enrolment age limit or barrier
  4. Generous referral bonus

Here we can opt for any Veterinarian

Cons of Eusoh

  1. No coverage for pre existing conditions
  2. THIRTY -DAY waiting period
  3. One Year commitment
  4. Not customizable

On the whole Eusoh gives you an awesome deal other than the normal Pet Insurance policies but without denying the fact that you will have to pay the policy’s full maximum cost in any given month.

Guess you would choose this Eusoh…. economical but effective plan for your beloved pets.


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3 Star User Rating



Pet Insurer is an amazing 5 star rated Insurance. In a nutshell it is an Easy and Quick Pet Insurance which is crowned with a 5 Star Rating on a scale of around 34,184 reviews


*Claims paid to Any Vet

*$0 Out -of-Pocket-Costs

*Pre Existing Conditions

*From $19 for upto 6 pets

Pet Insurer is a unique, best of it’s kind Pet Insurance starting from $9.95



Pet Insurer is an Insurance done based on your pets age, breed and you can add wellness cover for added extreme protection.

1.Usually vet bills are super-exclusive Pet Insurer makes it pretty easy for you to claim.

2.Mostly you can claim online itself almost effortless and amount will be delivered quickly within a very short span of few days or less.

3.The plans in Pet Insurer cover all sort of diseases such as



     Auto Immune disease


     Bladder stone

     Respiratory infection

     Heart conditions

     Liver Failure and so on….

Which makes and keeps your pet and your pet’s treatment very easy and easy.

4.Unfortunatel if your pet gets into an accident, Pet Insurer there are all chances of her or him getting fixed as early as possible. Pet Insurer, is your friend


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5 Star User Rating


Hungry bark

In Hungry bark you have the option to customize your pets-meal plans pairing superfood -packed rubble, with additional supplements and tasty proteins equating a human gym procedure “protein mix” for your pet.

In Hungry bark you can save almost on each order you place. Your pet will never need to  misroute on any of his favorite foods.

Extravagant features you receive in Hungry Bark


 Hungry Bark involves a very simple procedure to get enrolled. Create your pet’s profile, fill in the weight and health, ensure the food and your pet goals, customize your plan and place the order letting the magic happen.


*What all Hungry Bark provides includes


     Dry food

     Supplement chews

     Protein Mix- Ins

     High grade ingredients

     Food safety grades are held high

     Vet approved meal plans

     Extraordinary varieties and nutritional boosts


These are the prime and unique key features provided by Hungry Bark  for your pet angel

If your pup is a bit picky and is a fussy eater then hungrybark and it’s umpteen options., variety makes his taste buds tingle, kindling his/her appetite. As usual you have a custom option here too.

You could choose over lamb, proteins anything your pup prefers….. make him feel at home with HungryBark.

Guess HungryBark with a huge star rating would leave you awestruck with it’s key features and service.

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4 Star User Rating